20 February 2020

    How to Say “Seem” in Chinese? 似乎 Sihu, 好像 Haoxiang, 显得 Xiande in Mandarin

    "Seem" in Chinese has a few ways to say. 似乎 Sìhū, 好像 Hǎoxiàng, 显得 Xiǎndé mean "seems to (be), look…
    8 February 2020

    How to Express Sentences with Colors in Mandarin?

    Chinese colors are often used in Mandarin than English or perhaps, more than any other languages. The Chinese language not…
    3 February 2020

    20 Chinese Ordinal Numbers with 第 Dì – First, Second, Third Position in Mandarin

    We use 第 Dì + Cardinal Number (1, 2, 3...) + Measure Word + Noun to form Chinese Ordinal Numbers…
    16 January 2020

    Chinese Possessive Pronouns vs Possessive Determiners (Mine vs My) with “的 De”

    Chinese Possessive Pronouns (Mine) and Possessive Determiners (My), also known as Possessive Adjectives are not the same, even though both…
    19 January 2020

    How to Say “Personal” and “Individual” in Chinese? 个人 Ge Ren in Mandarin

    个人 Gè rén stands for an individual, but it also represents the word ‘personally’ or ‘personal’ depending on the formation…
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