23 January 2020

    How to Say “What” in Chinese?

    "What" in Chinese is more commonly known as 什么 Shénme when constructing a Chinese question. Another word is 怎么 Zěnme…
    5 January 2020

    5 Exceptional Reasons to Learn Mandarin & Chinese Language

    Here are 5 points which make the Mandarin Chinese language seemingly easier, opposing the English rules instead of lamenting the…
    4 February 2020

    How to Say “Chinese Math – Add, Plus, Minus, Subtract, Multiply, Divide” in Chinese?

    Chinese Arithmetic - Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide, is a more advanced level of using the digits. You will learn…
    27 February 2020

    How to Say “Ask” in Chinese with 问 Wen Mandarin & Responding to Indirect Questions or Reported Speech?

    Ask in Chinese is 问 Wèn in Mandarin. We can add 请问 Qǐngwèn or 请问你 Qǐngwèn nǐ at the start…
    23 February 2020

    How to Say “Write” in Chinese? 写 Xie in Mandarin

    You can add character before or after 写 Xiě to form another meaning related to writing - 写下, 填写... How…
    26 January 2020

    How to Say “When” in Mandarin?

    When in Mandarin is 什么时候 Shénme shíhou. Another secondary word for When in Chinese is 几时 Jǐshí. Both words can…
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