30 January 2020

    How to Say “7 Days of the Week” in Chinese Mandarin with 星期(x), 礼拜(x) and 周(x)?

    There are 3 ways to say ​"7 Days of the week" in Chinese. You only need to remember one or…
    12 February 2020

    How to Say “Accept and Reject” in Chinese? 接受 Jieshou and 拒绝 Jujue in Mandarin

    How to say "Accept" in Chinese and "Reject" in Mandarin when accepting (接受 Jiēshòu) or rejecting/declining (拒绝 Jùjué) an invitation?
    24 January 2020

    How to Say “Which” in Chinese?

    "Which" in Chinese 哪 | Nǎ can either be an Interrogative Pronoun or an Interrogative Determiner. It is used to…
    25 February 2020

    How to Say “Teacher” in Chinese? 老师 Laoshi, 教师 Jiaoshi, 导师 Daoshi in Mandarin

    "Teacher" in Mandarin is 老师 Lǎoshī in Chinese. There are also other ways to address "teacher" in Chinese: 教师 Jiàoshī and…
    8 January 2020

    Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation Practice: Chinese 4 Tones Practice to Speak Mandarin Perfectly

    Having a strong foundation of Chinese Pinyin pronunciation is so vital if you want to speak perfect Chinese in the…
    23 February 2020

    How to Say “Write” in Chinese? 写 Xie in Mandarin

    You can add character before or after 写 Xiě to form another meaning related to writing - 写下, 填写... How…
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