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Miss Rui - Founder of How to Say in ChineseMy surname is Rui | 芮. I am a Singaporean, and my race is Chinese. I also live in Belgium shuttling between two countries. During my free time, I write blogs to pass the time. Since Singapore has a mandatory bilingual education system in school, I want to make use of our language ability to equate Mandarin Chinese with our technical knowledge of English.

In Singapore, I would say we spent 50% of our time each to speak both English and Mandarin. Of course, some people speak one language more than the other one depending on the environment. As we can swap English and Chinese easily in our daily conversation, it is not difficult to translate sentences quickly.

Language switching ability is what Singaporeans is best at among the Chinese speaking countries who rely on Mandarin as their primary communication medium. Thus, I hope to make others achieve a deeper understanding of Mandarin usage employing my unique style of teaching Chinese.


1. Other than learning short Chinese phrases which are available on many websites, it is imperative for one to understand how to ask questions and answer them with as much variation as possible from a topic.  I use varieties to rephrase Chinese sentences with the same meaning.

2. I devise some formula for you to remember more easily how to construct the Chinese sentences in its correct position. Many Mandarin phrases are quite flexible in their word order without being wrong. Still, there are some rules to form sentences which are more familiar to the Chinese people.

3. Listening to audio and reading the Chinese texts or Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音 at the same time would help your brain to recognise and associate the words and the sound together. This, in turn, will enhance your Chinese listening comprehension skill and enable you to speak Mandarin at a faster rate.

Lastly, remember to return to “How to Say in Chinese” site regularly to play the audio and read the Hanyu Pinyin together with it. I can’t stress the importance. Lastly, have fun learning Mandarin Chinese till the next time. Remember to follow me in social media!!! 🙂

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