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    21 February 2020

    How to Say “Application and Apply” in Chinese? 申请 Shenqing in Mandarin

    "Apply" in Chinese is 申请 Shēnqǐng in Mandarin. We can use the term as a verb or as a noun…
    3 February 2020

    20 Chinese Ordinal Numbers with 第 Dì – First, Second, Third Position in Mandarin

    We use 第 Dì + Cardinal Number (1, 2, 3...) + Measure Word + Noun to form Chinese Ordinal Numbers…
    10 February 2020

    How to Say “Admit” and “Confess” in Chinese? 承认 Chengren in Mandarin

    "Confess" or "Admit" in Chinese is 承认 Chéngrèn. You will also get examples of the negation terms - 不承认 and…
    13 February 2020

    How to Say “Add” in Chinese? 加 Jia and 补充 Buchong in Mandarin

    "Add" in Chinese is 加 Jiā in Mandarin. 补充 Bǔchōng is another "add" word, to mean "supplement". What is "Add Oil"…
    24 February 2020

    How to Say “Teach” in Chinese? 教 Jiao in Mandarin

    "Teach" in Mandarin is 教 Jiào in Chinese. 教导 Jiàodǎo (can also be used as a verb in Mandarin) and…
    16 January 2020

    Chinese Possessive Pronouns vs Possessive Determiners (Mine vs My) with “的 De”

    Chinese Possessive Pronouns (Mine) and Possessive Determiners (My), also known as Possessive Adjectives are not the same, even though both…
    25 January 2020

    How to Say “Where” in Mandarin?

    "Where" in Chinese is 哪里 Nǎlǐ or 哪儿 Nǎr in Mandarin. As it is a locational related question, the preposition…
    13 January 2020

    Chinese Pronouns List & Pinyin: Verb – BE 我是 (I am) and HAVE 我有 (I have)

    Chinese Pronouns List: Verb to Be and Verb to Have in Mandarin. We learn the Mandarin Pronouns in singular and…
    12 January 2020

    Difference between G, K, H Sound: Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation Practice

    I wish I could give all Chinese 4 Tones for G, K, H sound in a set of audio clip,…
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